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Welcome to DOE Gelato 



We started as a humble little online shop that specialised in artisan handcrafted gelato in 2021 and on 5th July 2022, we set our foot on Singapore's "little England" - Pek Kio.


The meaning for Days of Elijah Gelato (a.k.a. DOE Gelato) is about the gelateria owner Elijah's journey as a Gelato maker. It all started with love of ice cream and a mini Cusineart ice cream maker that set off a miracle journey to the gelato kingdom.

Preserving the good old days memories through modern dessert

At Days Of Elijah Gelato, every gelato is handcrafted with fresh ingredients to ensure quality in every bite. Our flavours are inspired by the 70s/80s local sweet treats that bring countless of happy memories.


As time goes by, these sweet treats are slowly becoming lesser known to the younger generation. We decided to make it into gelato so that they can also enjoy the nostalgic feel that we used to enjoy just like the good old days. 

To our new customers, thank you for giving us a chance to serve you.

To our return customers, welcome back and we are happy to see you again!


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